misfortune 2/4
title: misfortune
length: chaptered [2/4]
author: yoosu_ftw
rating: pg
genre: drama
pairing: various
summary: A kingdom to be blessed by two newborns, a mishap, and the ultimate fake-out of the people. The ultimate scandal of the kingdom is just waiting to be revealed.


It wasn’t until weeks later that the situation had actually sunk in for either Yoochun or Junsu. At their usual spot, silence blanket the area like it always did. The only difference was the lack of a book in Junsu’s hands.

“…Park-sshi?” the soft, husky voice easily broke through the soft spring breeze.

“How can I help you princess?” Yoochun turned to face the sitting Junsu.

“Being married to Prince Yunho… will you still be there too?”

Yoochun was surprised by the question, and in reality, no one had told him of his future in this matter. Instead of relaying that, he smiled with confidence that he didn’t really have.

“If you want me Princess, I will be there too.”

Yoochun thought he noticed, for the very first time, Junsu’s lips, maybe, just possibly, show a sign of a smile.


One month later, Yoochun thought he would come to collect the princess a little earlier than usual, Junsu was always awake and ready when he came anyways.

Just before he opened the door, he heard the queen’s stern voice from inside the room. Instead of walking in with his original intentions, he stood outside, not to disturb.

“I’ve heard you talking to that Park boy. Don’t you know he’s only there to keep other people away from you? Is it worth breaking those rules we brought you up with for that... worthless boy?”

Yoochun sucked in his breath, he had always thought the queen thought fairly high of him. The smiles, the compliments… was it all fake?

“Umma, don’t worry.. I don’t think he’s noticed anything… please let me keep talking to Park-sshi…” the feather light voice of the princess seemed slightly strained, almost a beg.

A loud slap echoed through the room, and outside to Yoochun’s ears.

“No more breaking the rules, got it? Especially not for that Park boy,” with that the door slammed open and the queen stormed by, not even noticing Yoochun who had bowed his head slightly.

Once the queen was out of sight, Yoochun rushed into the room to see a frozen Junsu. He quickly wrapped his arms around the smaller, hugging Junsu for comfort.

“Princess… please don’t break the rules for my sake… I can protect you from anyone but your parents…” Yoochun pulled back to look into Junsu’s now watery eyes, but the angry red mark on his left cheek grabbed his attention.

Gently Yoochun ran his fingers of the spot, almost crying when the princess flinched when he accidentally pressed too hard. And when Junsu opened his mouth to say something, anything, Yoochun pressed his fingers on his lips.

“Please princess…”

When the princess’ head buried into his chest silently, Yoochun decided that he didn’t like this position.

He heart jumped around too much.


Two weeks later Junsu and Yunho were forced to have dinner together, to start the relationship together the queen and king had said.

Yoochun stood outside, he wouldn’t call it possessive, it was the only thing he knew how to do.

“My mother and father have told me the details about the marriage. We’re to get married when you turn sixteen, just over four years. When you are officially my wife I will be the inherit owner of the land, but your brother, Prince Junho, will look after it since I can’t look over both areas efficiently,” the deep voice of prince Yunho easily pierced through the paper thin walls, it wasn’t like Yoochun was trying to listen in.

The rest of the evening was filled with awkward, one-sided conversation, and when Junsu emerged from the room, behind the young prince, Yoochun pushed off the wall to bow to the pair.

“Park Yoochun, for the next four years I leave the princess in your hands. I have to go back to my own kingdom to study and prepare for the honour of owning two sections of land,” the prince bowed his head back to Yoochun before picking up Junsu’s hand and kissing it softly, simply a polite gesture.

“Princess, please sleep early and wait patiently for me,” with that the young prince was off, leaving Junsu and Yoochun behind to stare at his back.

“Four years…”

Yoochun wasn’t sure if he said it, or the princess.

But it was definitely laced with a sigh.


A single year down the road, Yoochun had accepted that maybe his feverish cheeks and frantic heart had something to do with the princess.

Whether it was one of those simple crushes you had because you had been around that person to much, or because Junsu was the only person his age in the area, Yoochun simply didn’t know.

But he did know; Junsu did something to him.


One week after the acceptance, Yoochun entered the princess’ room on the assumption Junsu was ready for him. In the last ten years of coming here, the princess was aways ready. Always.

What he didn’t realize, was that he was a good half hour earlier than usual.

A stark naked Junsu stood in front of him, midway in getting ready.

While Yoochun didn’t mean to look, he definitely noticed that Junsu had something a princess certainly shouldn’t.

“P-p-princess?” his voice was shaky, the shock too much for a poor fourteen year old Yoochun.

The package could have explained Junsu’s flat chest.


It only took three days for it to hit Yoochun that he was technically gay.


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misfortune ch. 01
title: misfortune
length: chaptered [0/?]
author: yoosu_ftw
rating: pg
genre: drama
pairing: various
summary: A kingdom to be blessed by two newborns, a mishap, and the ultimate fake-out of the people. The ultimate scandal of the kingdom is just waiting to be revealed.


“Park Yoochun, meet the princess. You will protect her with your life from now on, and that is your only purpose,” the adult towered over the two young children, Yoochun aged 6, the princess at age 5. The two timidly looked at each other before the elder of the two nodded.

“Princess… I’ll protect you from now on, please let me carry all your problems,” although a little awkward, the young Yoochun bowed politely before giving a smile to the slim person in front of him. The other blushed before nodding and bowing her head in return.

“Now Princess, Yoochun will now escort you to your lessons and around the area. Anywhere you go, Park should be with you, understand?” a slight nod of the head from the princess showed the slightly plump man that she did. “Good. It’s almost dinner time, so you two head off to the dining area.”

With that the man was off, leaving the two children to awkwardly shuffle around and look anywhere but at each other. After the silence was stretch to its fullest, Yoochun motioned for the princess to start the walk towards the eating quarters. It was met with a shy smile before the princess complied and walked forward first.


It was early evening, the sun just setting and the cold air just starting to settle. The two, now slightly older pair were sitting under a big tree, the princess reading a book and Yoochun simply watching in interest.

Two eyes looked up to meet his in slight curiosity.

“I was just thinking, I’ve been protecting princess for three years without knowing your name…” Yoochun stared back at the smaller child who had gone back to reading, seemingly ignoring his statement.

Silence surrounded the pair once again.

And Yoochun wasn’t surprised.


The same spot, this time early morning two years down the road, Yoochun now eleven and the princess at ten years of age for a total of five years together. Although they spent so much time together, Yoochun still felt like a stranger to the princess, but then again, the princess didn’t talk to anyone and was busy with classes.

The princess was studying language, leaving Yoochun to simply stare like usual. It was a situation the two were used to by now, and it was quickly becoming comfortable and routine.

A bird squawked and flew off in the interest, Yoochun gazed at it lazily.

“Princess Junsu.”

The quiet voice was carried by the soft wind, just barely making it to the young guardians ears. Out of surprise he turned to look, but the princess was still reading, like nothing had changed.

But for Yoochun, it had.

And he couldn’t help but smile.


It was one year later when their usual routine was broken.

The King and Queen came to Junsu’s lesson, standing outside and watching Yoochun simply stand outside the door.

He bowed towards them out of respect, before asking, “to what do I owe the honour a visit from the King and Queen?” They both smiled down fondly at the child, knowing they had made the right choice six years ago. The memories of the five different trainees… Yoochun was definitely the right one.

“The princess has a meeting urgently after this lesson, and we are going to help you escort him,” the king explained, peaking into the room to see Junsu studying hard with his tutor. He smiled fondly, but Yoochun could sense a slight spark of sadness, and maybe regret, in his aging eyes.

His questions were cut short when the familiar sight of the princess walked through the doors. Junsu bowed towards the king and queen before giving a questioning glance to Yoochun.

“There’s an important meeting that princess must attend, that is the reason for the king and queen to come escort the princess,” he voiced, knowing full well what Junsu wanted to know. It seemed to satisfy his curiosity enough because the princess nodded and then followed the king and queen to one of the meeting rooms.

There was already three people seated in front of the low table, a women, a man, and a young teenager, maybe only two or three years older than Yoochun or Junsu.

“Princess Junsu, it’s nice to meet you. I am the king of the neighbouring district, this is my wife, and finally, this is my son, Prince Yunho,” Junsu’s mother and father both nodded their heads in a slight bow while Junsu himself and Yoochun bowed properly.

Mrs. Kim placed her hand on the princess’ back and lightly guided Junsu to sit down on the opposite side of the table from the young prince. She then sat down next to the princess and her husband on her other side. There was no room for Yoochun so he chose to stand by the door and silently watch over the meeting.

“Junsu-sshi, we have heard a lot about you, and I see you take your good looks from your mother,” the other king complimented, a friendly smile on his face. “I’m sure you’re aware that the whole country is in trouble right now, and through various talks between your parents and us, we found it would be most beneficial that the two of us bind together to help our people.”

Junsu nodded in understanding, silently wondering where this was going.

“Since we want to ensure this relationship, we’ve agreed the only way is through an arranged marriage.”

Junsu gave his mother a look.

Yoochun wondered why his heart hurt so much.


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Misfortune Prologue

title: misfortune
length: chaptered [0/?]
author: yoosu_ftw
rating: pg
genre: drama
pairing: various
summary: A kingdom to be blessed by two newborns, a mishap, and the ultimate fake-out of the people. The ultimate scandal of the kingdom is just waiting to be revealed.


A few days after the royal couple announced the pregnancy, the village elder came to visit and give them their blessing and his prediction. This particular elder had a reputation, he very rarely got things wrong, and if he did, the family was met with many unfortunate events, the elders curse.

“Congratulations on your elder son and twin sister,” he declared, bowing slightly towards the king and queen. The two looked at each other before smiling politely.

“Twins? Look honey, we both get what we wanted, an elder son to take care of the throne and a little princess for me to fuss over,” the queen fondly gazed at her husband, one hand unconsciously rubbing her stomach. The king nodded, all smiles and joy at the prospect of getting two children at the same time.

“Thank you elder, please enjoy a healthy and happy life,” with that the royal parents bowed and sent off the elder back to his village.

The next few months the whole district was preparing and talking about the children that were to arrive in the winter months. Gifts and blessings poured into the palace while the king and queen very graciously took them all and started their own preparations for the twins.

On the day of their birth, everything went well, the first one to be born was a little, healthy boy and was delivered without much fuss or pain on the queens part.

The second, however, brought the queen a lot more difficulty, she was already tired from the first, and this second child hurt a lot more than the first. Right after it was done, the queen fell asleep, her job for now was done, but she did not hear the gasps around the room.

When she woke up, they first thing that came out of her mouth was, “let me see my little babies. I want to see my handsome little boy and pretty little girl.” The silence that met her back did not impress her, the doctors and her husband shuffled around uncomfortably.

“There’s a slight problem…” the King avoided his wife’s eyes, instead busying himself with the opposite wall. The queen just stared and silently asked for him to continue.

“What the King is trying to say is… your second born is actually… another boy.”


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behind the front lines (ch. 02)
title: behind the front lines
length: [2/5] 
author: yoosu_ftw
rating: pg 16 (for violence and swearing later)
genre: drama/angst
pairing: later yoosu, hints of yunjae
summary: Behind the fronts lines, where live and yet live is the motto, there are no enemies, there are only allies. We are all victims, and we all understand.



It only took three days for Yoochun’s injuries to heal enough so he could hobble about. Spending 72 hours in the small, cramped building had long made him restless, and on Junsu’s short breaks, he would accompany the man outside the make-shift tent.

They were only given five minutes each time, but over the next week they learned more and more about each other. Slowly Yoochun got to know the wounded British soldiers by name, waved to each of the doctors and warmly greeted by visiting medics.

One particular day, Junsu came out of the surgery tent, rubbing off the blood with a dry cloth, and joined Yoochun outside the tent door. It didn’t take much for the German soldier to notice the change in his disposition, the tug at the end of the mans lips, his brow less furrowed, his general aura just spoke wonders.

“I’ve been granted to show you the LALL section,” a smile, a grab at Yoochun’s uninjured arm, and they were headed off between the trenches, a bewildered German in tow.

“What?” was the most intellectual word he could think of the moment. A silent grin, and a sense of urgency was all he got. Whatever could get the normally stoic man this excited must have been something close to a second sun.

After twisting and turning in the maze of trenches, Yoochun could hear wild shouts, and some other forgotten sound laced in between. Laughter.

After one or two more left turns, the pair came across a small area filled with allied soldiers slacking off. Junsu tugged on the mans arm and they winded around people playing cards, playing guitars (and singing along horribly off key, but they seemed to enjoy it), and generally just having fun.

“Welcome to LALL quarters, Live and Let Live,” Junsu finally explained, his lips now curved into a perfect grin. Yoochun could only gape, he had never seen anything like this, he had forgotten any f word except for the swear. This was the last thing he had expected in the middle of the Great War. A scrawny man ran up to the doctor, muttering something about being late, which the young man only responded to with a nod.

Once again he wordlessly dragged the poor German soldier to a crowded area, “You’ll enjoy this, trust me.” Was the only explanation he got.

Soldiers parted to allow the smaller doctor and his friend to the very front, allowing Yoochun to see a big wooden platform, a frame roughly nailed together with old blankets strewn from the top. A stage, his brain supplied him with.

“Good late afternoon gentlemen. It seems like you all enjoyed the play so much yesterday we have to do it again!” the big middle aged announcer was given a roar of approval from the crowd. “So here you go again, Romeo and Juliet.”

The two young men watched the whole show intently, swept away by the drama folding in front of them. Everyone let out whistles and cat calls when a slender body slide onto the stage, long blonde hair and donning a long red dress.

“A women?” Yoochun asked in shock. He was sure the only females in the war were in the nursing tent, and that was a full time job. Junsu giggled softly at his confusion.

“Of course not. Too close to enemy lines for that,” he laughed, eyes continuing to watch the play.

“So that’s…. oh.”

More bubbly laughter escaped the young doctor’s vocal chords, and Yoochun decided he could very well get addicted to the intoxicating sound.

All was going well until near the end when Juliet took a little stumble, obviously not used to the high heels, and ended locking eyes with Yoochun. Yoochun stared back, and despite the get up, understood the others look.

“Jaejoong-hyung?” he voiced, the question heavily evident in his tone. The other just mouthed a ‘later’ and completed the play. It was Junsu’s turn to give Yoochun a questioning glance, but the other shook it off.

Long after the five minute standing ovation, the German took off and made his way backstage to see the man from before taking off his long blonde wig.


The other looked up before jumping to his feet. He moved over, as quickly as he could still wearing high heels, and enveloped Yoochun in a warm embrace.

“Yoochun! I thought you were gone for good…” he whispered in the others ear. A sense of relief washing over him.

I thought I was too, hyung.”

The two stood there for a while until Yoochun finally opened his eyes to meet the awkward figure of Junsu. Instantly turning Jaejoong around so he could see the younger, he reverted back to English.

“Junsu, meet Kim Jaejoong, he was my bunker buddy back at the trenches,” Yoochun swung his arm around the other man in a friendly manner. The two bowed towards each other, greeting each other briefly. A fourth man walked into the cramped space behind the stage, one that Junsu knew all too well.

“From commander to Romeo, huh?” Junsu quirked, getting the others attention instantly. The taller man just ruffled his hair in an affectionate greeting.

“You brat. They needed an actor and I just happened to be around to be picked on, that was all. I decided the boys needed a good laugh anyways,” the deep hazel eyes crinkled into crescent moons before nodding at Jaejoong. “It was great working with you. Nice to know the German’s haven’t lost any culture even through the war.”

He was answered with a shy nod before Yunho turned back to talk to Junsu about the condition of the medics.

“So what are you doing here?” Yoochun’s curiosity had thoroughly been peaked seeing his slightly older friend in heels and blush adorning his cheeks.

“They needed a female actor. Funnily enough, they’re a bit short.”

Junsu watched the two old friends. Even though he didn’t speak a word of German, it was fairly obvious the two were enjoying catching up.

A small, lazy smile stretched on the doctor’s face.

We were all men
Here we lived in a dream
Free to laugh
Free to escape
But how long was it until
We all had to wake up?


AN: I thought it would be appropriate to release a new chapter for this every day until Remembrance Day. This is the 2nd chapter, so it will technically end on Monday, but I do have an epilogue planned. =]
Just to confirm, the italics in the middle of the story ar yoochun and Jaejoong speaking German.
Hope you all enjoyed, sorry that it seems a bit rushed.

behind the front lines (ch. 1)
title: behind the front lines
length: [1/5]
author: yoosu_ftw
rating: pg 16 (for violence and swearing later)
genre: drama/angst
pairing: later yoosu, yunjae, and hints at ot5
summary: Behind the fronts lines, where live and yet live is the motto, there are no enemies, there are only allies. We are all victims, and we all understand.


I was a young doctor, straight out of collage before I volunteered to help out in the war effort. It sounded like fun at first, it promised to never be boring and I would get to see our heroes in action.

When I got here, however, I saw what the press failed to report, what the government conveniently left out of our hands.

The war was not this great scene of our men smiling, laughing, taking over the enemy’s fronts like they had done it a million times.

No. These men were mostly volunteers from our homeland. Bright young men with a lot of life before them, until they stared down the enemies barrels. The fact was, the government got them to sign up as friends and promised to keep them together.

‘Fight with your buds.’

No doubt a lure for these males.

As teams, sometimes up to twenty or thirty, they would all die together, or watch a pal die right beside them. A traumatic experience for many.

Yes, I had seen these horrors with my own eyes, dealt with the aftermath. Thank god I wasn’t a soldier, I always think.

Dear Mum,

The wars going well. Seems like we deal with less and less casualties everyday. I hope you’re doing well, I do rather miss your cooking though. I can’t wait to come home and eat it every day. Can’t wait until I come home to you. With Love, your son. P.S. I’m sure you’ll be getting a letter from my brother soon.

Lies. All lies.

It made me sick that this was the only way to tell my mother I was alive.

The war is awful. Please let me come home.’
‘People are dying everywhere. I’m afraid the ground might permanently be dyed red.’

She would never hear it, I did not want to die for treason after all.

Sudden yelling pulled me out of my thoughts. It was the soldier from earlier, still in hysteria, still shouting in his native tongue. I walked up to him and stared him down.

“Do you speak English sir?” it was a long shot. Not many of the enemies knew our language unless they were from the upper class, and this man looked far from that. Not that you could tell after years of trekking in mud.
“Fuck you Englishman!” was the first thing out of his mouth. Lovely, just what I wanted to deal with after eleven casualties this morning.

“Sir, can you please calm down?” my voice was completely deadpanned. I think this war sucked the emotions right out of people after a while. It wouldn’t surprise me if that was a scientific fact.

He thrashed around some, despite his injury that had split his side open and his head cracked. Maybe he had injured something else in there. “I don’t want any of your fucking help!”

I sighed openly. I wish they taught you patience at collage. I wasn’t nearly experience enough to know how to deal with this professionally, so I dealt it as myself.

“Sir, please calm down. We mean you no harm, and as long as you don’t resist you wont be hurt,” I was told the second he healed he was going to be thrown in a slammer, a prisoner of war. He had been lucky to be alive. One soldier had felt sorry for him, the sight of this young man lying face down half dead and spluttering must have been quite a sight, and brought him back, saying we could keep him prisoner.

That soldier had been punished for being soft. In fact, I’d bet he would be dead in four hours.

“You fucking Englishmen! You really are sadistic bastards! If you don’t kill us right away you bring us back help us get better and then kill us? Is that how you work!?” he had some how managed to pull himself and stood before me, just a few centimetres taller.

“I told you sir, we mean no-” but a quick punch to my right cheek sent me sprawling against the close wall. Well I be damned, that guy still packed quite a wallop. My awe was short lived when he stumbled over to me and tried to get another punch off. An injured guy’s punch wasn’t that hard to dodge however as I danced out of his way.

“You killed him!” I was close enough now to see his cheeks drenched in tears, his eyes red and swollen.


Another dodged punch before he collapsed on the ground, tears racking his body, his pain seemed to have been temporarily forgotten. “My.. my brother… you fucking killed him!”

I put myself in the danger zone by crouching down to his level, giving him a sombre smile. “I know how you feel.”


“My twin brother was killed two weeks ago by your lot. He had run forward to help his injured comrade when one of the Germans shot him in the head,” I had long since gotten over it. A week of crying, praying, shouting that life wasn’t fair I was called back to duty. There were others hurting much more than I, and at least these people had a chance. I didn’t want their parents, friends, or lovers to feel the same pain I did. It was inevitable though.

The soldier stopped sniffling for a moment before looking up at me.


“Yeah, his name was Junho. A royal pain in the ass. He was always the one for the action. I was the pretty one,” I explained, a soft smile on my face. The thought of mum and dad at home, sitting at the table saying grace-

“Andy… he’s gone. He’s really gone…” he had stopped crying, it just seemed like it had sunk in and he had gone into shock. He surprised me by looking up at me, something tugging at the end of his lips. “I’m.. sorry for your brother.”

“I am too. I’m sure your brother is in a better place.”

“Yours too. Can’t be any worse than here.” We both sat there, on the floor in the medical room. The smell of blood and death rampant in the air, people dying, moaning, all around.

“I’m going to die, aren’t I? As soon as I’m healthy enough to go to hearing to hear that I’m going to get killed,” his voice was sad, but his tears had stopped. Honestly I had no idea how this worked, it just seemed that we tried to kill as many of the enemy as possible for any reason we could find.

“Probably,” there was no use lying to him. “But with that wound you can hide in here for a good few weeks,” to me, there really was no allies or enemies. Just injured men who needed healing. We shot them down because we were ordered to, they shot us down for the same reason. It was all the business of war.

“Park Yoochun,” the soldier stuck out his grimy, calloused hand.

“Doctor Kim. But you can call me Kim Junsu,” I caught his hand in a firm grip, both of us reflecting the same smile. It was by far a full out grin, but the circumstances hardly called for that.

It was then we realised
enemies or allies
we were all losing


A/N. So now you all know who's who! =]
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behind the front lines (prologue part b)
title: behind the front lines
length: [0b/?] (short though)
author: yoosu_ftw
rating: pg 16 (for violence and swearing later)
genre: drama/angst
pairing: later yoosu, yunjae, and hints at ot5
summary: Behind the fronts lines, where live and yet live is the motto, there are no enemies, there are only allies. We are all victims, and we all understand.


Another one
it wasn’t my fault

The man’s breaths slowed, hollowed
One more groaned before his eyes rolled back
There was no saving him now
But then, no soldier was ever safe

It wasn’t my fault

Shouting ensued in the next room
With nothing else to do, I waved for the nurse to finish this
Just another body to bury

It wasn’t…

A young man was in hysteria
Shouting inaudibly, just a jumble of foreign words
It didn’t take long for blood loss to catch up with him 
He fell back against the make shift bed
I felt bad for him
We were both young and trapped in this war

I’ve lost count how many
have died in front of me
and these were the lucky ones

I wanted to clean the blood off my hands
But they would never be clean
My eyes had been opened
To this horror
This hell
They call war

It wasn’t my fault

But I can’t help but feel
I’m responsible


A/N This is part B to the prologue because the story are about these two characters.
Just an introduction to the characters.
To see how they interact... you'll have to wait until the first chapter. =]

behind the front lines (prologue)
title: behind the front lines
length: [1/?] (short though)
author: yoosu_ftw
rating: pg 16 (for violence and swearing later)
genre: drama/angst
pairing: later yoosu, yunjae, and hints at ot5
summary: Behind the fronts lines, where live and yet live is the motto, there are no enemies, there are only allies. We are all victims, and we all understand.

-  -  -

 Why am I here?

A flash of my mothers face
marred with tears
still the prettiest women I’ve ever seen

I was fighting for my country, for my mum.

She saw past the lies
she knew
Not to expect either of us home

“Over the top!”

I looked at the strong features of my brother. We both knew that call meant suicide
That was not for us to decide though
Misfitting boots did not stop our ascent over the trench
Nor did barb wire fences or the sea of mud

To not go was a sin
there was no stopping us from going
so with that we hugged
For the last time?

What did stop us was a large explosion from my right
Where my brother was
It threw me to the side
Bleeding, but not completely broken.
I searched through the pool of red and mangled limbs
I found my brothers hand, still attached, barely
and held on.

We promised to stay together
Andy and I
brothers in the front line

His eyes were lifeless
But I already understood he was gone
That was when the second shell hit

My mother’s sad smile
she knew
she always knew
she was our mother afterall

I lay there
Only able to groan
I was dying
My blood mingling with mud

“Back by Christmas”
they had said
now I’m not so sure

I clasped onto my brothers hand
Tighter… tighter
We promised to stay together

So why am I here?


 got inspired by WWI stories and movies, and I really wanted to write this. 
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Oh, and there may be some inaccuracies, because i did not live during WWI, I need to tweak this to fit my story, and I only know the rough events of WWI, I am by far an expert.

day after day [1/4]
title: day after day [i loved you]
length: 4 chapters [1/4]
author: yoosu_ftw
rating: 14a for swearing
gengre: drama/angst
pairing: hosu/side of yoosu and jaeho
summary: Yunho saw them together. Then all he saw was red.


The voice didn’t distract me from noticing the small metal band being passed between the two people down the street. Peeking out from an insert in the alley, there the two were, clear as day.

Wordlessly I watched, anger building, and building with no end. As soon as the shorter exited, I stormed forward, towards him.

“So you’ve finally caught us, huh?” there wasn’t any guilt, but what irritated me more was that he knew. Knew that I was watching, knew how I felt.

“You’re a fucking bastard, do you know that?” I snarled, cutting him off before he could walk any farther. He had the decency to stop, but the icy edge from his stare was still obviously visable.

“Am I Yunho? I’m only making him happy, isn’t that what you should want?” I was glad to have the few centimetres of advantage, but somehow he seemed bigger today, looking straight into my eyes with no intent of standing down.

“You fucking knew how I felt-“ but he shoved me back before I could even think of finishing the sentence.

“How you felt Yunho!? Have you even thought about him? About Junsu?” the accusation had me advancing forward again, but small, slim hands on my chest stopped me, and him, from colliding.

“Come on guys, I’m sure this is just a misunderstanding! Let’s just talk it out-“ no. I’m sorry Jaejoong, but not this time. Easily, the band mother was shoved aside so I could grab his shoulder again.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing? Do you really want DBSK to break up? I don’t think I could fucking look at you after this,” usually I would be able to keep my head, think about this rationally, for DongBang… but not this time. This was more important. I grabbed him by the shirt and pulled him forward so I was practically breathing my words right into his face, there was no way he could avoid my eyes now. “What the fuck is running through your head, Yoochun?”

“Listen, I’m sick and tired of your leader shit. Just because you’re older and the leader doesn’t mean you can fucking control everyone like your puppets!” with some unheard of strength from the younger, he shoved me back so hard I had to take atleast 3 steps to recover. That did it, if he wanted physical, I could do that.

“I don’t act like that! Stop making me sound like the bad guy! It was working out just fine, why do you have to step in now? Just jealous that I took your fanservice partner away?” I was stepping forward to push him back, but Changmin who had kept silent during the fight grabbed onto my arm and pulled me back. Jaejoong had moved over to Yoochun’s side and was holding him back as well. However, our anger seemed to overpower the other two’s weak resistance, because it wasn’t long until I shoved Yoochun back again.

“You fucking shit. Use your head,” at that he shoved his finger to my forehead, forcing me to incline my head back a bit. “It makes more sense this way. The whole Yunjae thing has Junsu worried and heartbroken, you of all people should know that,” he growled the whole thing before bringing his fist up by my chin. He swung a mock hit, just barely missing my cheek by inches. “If you come near Junsu again, I’ll make sure to hurt you a lot more than how you’ve hurt him.”

Next thing I knew, Yoochun was clutching his cheek, blood dripping through his hand, my knuckles sore from the sudden, but hard impact.

That was the breaking point between us. Fists were thrown left, right and center, both of us landing clear hits and drawing quite a bit of blood. After a few I managed to fling him onto the ground, where I jumped on top of him and pulled him back up by his jacket once again.

“Like hell. We had good times together, you cant possibly make him as happy as I did. You haven’t gone through half the amount of hell that we did together,” I ground out between my clenched teeth, staring straight down at my fellow band mate. Or perhaps ex band mate in the following days.

Before any more words should be shot at each other, once again we were pulled apart by Jaejoong and Changmin. We both struggled and pulled to get back at each other, we we’re finished yet. In a period of madness, I kicked over a near garbage can, spilling the contents all over the alley.

“This isn’t over yet,” I snarled, pulling back out of Changmin’s grip before I exited the alley, wiping the blood out of my eyes and off my cheeks. Yes, far from over.

- - -

an; if it's not obvious by now what i based this on... then it'll be perfectly clear in the next couple of chapters.
first hosu... sorry if it sucked! I dont usually write in first person either... aiiish. I forget how to write properly...

Wish it Was / Oneshot
Title: Wish it Was
Length: One Shot 
Author: yoosu_ftw
Rating: PG
Genre: Angst
Pairings: Yoochun/?

Summary: Life isn't always a love song.

Wish it Was
On blurred white and black ivory stared back at me.
A piece of paper in my lap, and a pencil long forgotten on the top of the piano. As I blankly look at the scribbling, I had long forgotten when I had last moved, wrote, not think about you.
Clear as day I see your tears, you turning away from me. I remember you leaving me.
It wasn’t anybody’s fault, really. We were stupid to think two guys in the most popular band in the world would be able to have a secret relationship. Many fans were sharp and caught it right away, but the sceptics always managed to keep a balance and what they thought was a touch of reality. They couldn’t be dating. It’s just fan service. That’s what they said, and everyone was left to their fantasies.
It was too bad we didn’t see that camera. The most scandalous kiss in the history of the world was posted all over magazines, internet, the newspapers… people around the world now knew, that this was real.
Fans dropped by the milestone, unforgiving, sneering at our situation. There simply wasn’t enough people to support us, so the decision was made. We would break up.
Little did we know, that tensions would rise. We weren’t allowed to stand next to each other, weren’t allowed to look at each other, I was even forced out of the DongBang household. It was soon after you brought me aside, saying you couldn’t do this anymore. You were at your wits end.
You made it look so easy. To break this thing off, end the years of memories we’ve had together. I knew better though, the others told me how you cried every night, how that innocent light in your eyes had long disappeared…
I confronted you, begging, pleading, anything to get you back. It was a double edged sword, you didn’t want to hurt me, but you didn’t want to hurt the others. It didn’t matter, you ended up hurting me anyways.
Did we say anything that night? Or did we just stand there and cry?
I only remember coming back home, sitting by the piano and starting to write a song.
A small salty drop landed on what I had already wrote. Lines blurry and swirled, incomprehensive now. In a futile attempt I tried to erase the mark, but that tell tale mark was still there. Still there.
How do I erase a tear that’s fallen on my page?
I don’t know where we went wrong, but I know this ain’t no love song.
Yeah I know this ain’t no love song.
But I wish it was.
A/N Another angst inspired by Johnny.
It was meant to be yoosu, but you can use whoever you want, really. 
The last four lines are from the song. I dont take credit for them.

-hands out tissues- ?

Here I Am One Shot
Title: Here I am
Length: One Shot 
Author: yoosu_ftw
Rating: PG
Genre: Angst
Pairings: Yoosu

Summary: Yoochun left without a word, now he's begging his lover to take him back. Based on the song: Here I Am by Johnny Reid
Kim Junsu had gone through a hard day at work. Business had been slow so he was left to sit and think about his life. What happened in the past, what’s happening now, and his future. It had been a gruelling day for his brain, and all he wanted was to get back home and fall asleep, erase all the thoughts from his mind.
A lone figure sitting by his door stopped him dead in his tracks.
“Yoo… chun?” he breathed, barely and sound left the man, yet the other male looked up and stared into his eyes. Both just continued to look, one in disbelief, the other… unreadable.
“Su-ah…” the other man stood up to his full height, just slightly taller than Junsu, but a soft grin and pleading eyes made him seem much, much smaller.
Junsu didn’t know what to do. A bunch of thoughts he’d swear he got rid of flew through his head and muddled together.
“You’re not leaving me… are you, Chunnie?”
“Su-ah, I have to go, the plane is leaving soon.”
“How can you do this to me?!”
“I have to go Junsu.”
“… Yoochun!”
Junsu would never forget the day where he stood outside the airport, watching his lover leave him. To some place that he hadn’t disclosed to Junsu, for a time that was also unknown to Junsu.
The rain had poured over Junsu for the whole twelve hours he stood there, hair plastered to his face, his clothes, and his heart, twenty pounds heavier. The only consolence was the rain mixed with his tears. At least God sympathised with him that day.
After a long silence, Junsu spoke up.
“What do you think you’re doing here?”
“I’m so sorry I left you,” Junsu couldn’t look at him, afraid of seeing sincerity in the other’s hazel eyes. “I’m so sorry I left you, crying there in the rain, saying my name…”
“You have no right to come back here! You have no idea what you put me through!” for the first time since Yoochun had left, Junsu allowed himself to be angry, to show some emotion other than heartbreak and sadness.
“I’m asking for forgiveness, Junsu. And I’m not ashamed to ask please,” Yoochun bowed his head slightly, missing Junsu’s eyes cloud over and start to tear. “For so many days I missed your pretty face. You’re what I need, I’m a changed man.”
Refusing to let any tears leak, Junsu screwed his eyes closed and turned around, no longer able to look at the man who had left him so suddenly… no excuses… no phone calls… nothing.
“You think a couple of words will make me forgive you? Yoochun… you just don’t understand…you haven’t changed at all…” he reached for his apartment door, but was stopped by a slim hand grabbing his wrist. Taking a long intake of oxygen, Junsu looked up to the owner of the hand. Yoochun’s own eyes were red and puffy now, but he was letting his tears fall, a man without pride or shame.
“Can you find me somewhere within you? How I longed to kiss you?” they both looked into each other’s gaze, soul searching, looking, prodding, for any opening, explanation… anything.
 Nothing was said for a while until a weak, “why’d you come back?”
Yoochun smiled slightly once again, still holding onto Junsu’s wrist with one hand, and bringing up his other hand to caress the dolphin’s face.
“The winds in Santa Fe, they blew your name out loud, so I hurried back…”
Junsu pulled back, refusing to go back to his man, refusing to let him back into his life, back into his arms. “Words aren’t going to change all the hurt, Yoochun. You left. You didn’t tell me anything, you didn’t even tell me you were leaving until I found you at the airport. What I hadn’t? You would have just disappeared from my life... Yoochun-“
Before he could say anything, Yoochun got on his knees and offered a hand to Junsu. “Please believe me Su, my heart cries just for the chance. Me without you is more than I can stand…”
Junsu thought hard, even though his tears clouded his mind. It was a balance of forgiving, or to move on. The hurt this man gave him was unimaginable… but while they were together… the love was undescribeable.
“Junsu… take my hand.”
A few drops ran down gentle cheeks.
“Here I am.”


A/N I'm not really happy with it. It's full of fail.
I might redo it but under Yoochun's POV... doenst feel right under 3rd pov..
Uhm yeah, so you can take it how it is, interpate it as you want. whether Junsu and Yoochun says the last line.. up to you. 
Whether Junsu takes Yoochun back or not... up to you.

So yeah, I was listening to Johnny Reid's old CD, and I got so inspired to write a bunch of One shots. I tried to intergrate as much of the lyrics as possible...

06. Here I am
I'm so sorry I left you Virginia
I'm so sorry I left you my love
Crying there in the rain
Saying my name I was in a rush
Yeah I'm asking for forgiveness Virginia
And I'm not ashamed to ask please
Oh for so many days
I missed your pretty face
You're what I need I'm a changed man
Here I am
Here I am
Can you find me within you
Somewhere within your Virginia
Here I am
Do you know how I missed you
How I longed to kiss you Virginia
Me without you is more than I can stand
Here I am
It was a long, long journey to get here
Ain't it funny how the truth it comes out
On a street in Santa Fe the wind blew your name out loud
So I hurried back
Here I am
Here I am
Can you find me within you
Somewhere within your Virginia
Here I am
Do you know how I missed you
How I longed to kiss you Virginia
Me without you is more than I can stand
Here I am
Here I am...
Take my hand
I'm so sorry I left you Virginia
I'm so sorry I left you my love
Here I am
Can you find me within you
Somewhere within your Virginia
Here I am
Down on my knees
Oh please believe me virginia
My heart it cries just for the chance
Me without you is more than I can stand
Here I am...


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